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  1.  Our price is according to how big portion of paper size is used for a job, called "open size". 
  2. If you have sample box on hand, you can open up the box, flat it into 1 layer without any folding layer, that to be the open size. Then, please find the matched price list below. Your open size must be within our price list open size.
  3. You can Whatsapp us to get direct FREE price quote & FREE consultation!

"A" Type Paper Size

Size range : A1, A2+, A2, A3+, A3, A4+, A4, A5+, A5Material : white card type such as art card, uncoated, boxboard & white coated kraft; carton type, 3layers paper with flute supporting in the middle, suitable for courier, comes with both brown surface and white card surface

⅓A5  ½A5  A5  

⅓A5+  ½A5+  A5+

⅓A5 Custom Box [CustomerPrice].pdf
½A5 Custom Box [CustomerPrice].pdf
A5 Custom Box [CustomerPrice].pdf
⅓A5+ Custom Box [CustomerPrice].pdf
½A5+ Custom Box [CustomerPrice].pdf
A5+ Custom Box [CustomerPrice].pdf

⅓A4  ½A4  A4  

⅓A4+  ½A4+  A4+

⅓A4 Custom Box [CustomerPrice].pdf
½A4 Custom Box [CustomerPrice].pdf
A4 Custom Box [CustomerPrice].pdf
⅓A4+ Custom Box [CustomerPrice].pdf
½A4+ Custom Box [CustomerPrice].pdf
A4+ Custom Box [CustomerPrice].pdf

⅓A3  ½A3  A3  A3+

⅓A3 Custom Box [CustomerPrice].pdf
½A3 Custom Box [CustomerPrice].pdf
A3 Custom Box [CustomerPrice].pdf
A3+ Custom Box [CustomerPrice].pdf


A2 Custom Box [CustomerPrice].pdf

A2+  A2++  A1  A1+  A1++ 

These sizes ↑ need to Whatsapp further quote.

"B" Type Paper Size

Size range : B2+, B2, A3+, B3, B4+, B4, B5+, B5Material : kraft card, the brown surface type, environmental friendly material.

B5  B5+

B5 Custom Box [CustomerPrice].pdf
B5+ Custom Box [CustomerPrice].pdf


B4 Custom Box [CustomerPrice].pdf
B4+ Custom Box [CustomerPrice].pdf

B3, B3+

B3 Custom Box [CustomerPrice].pdf
B3+ Custom Box [CustomerPrice].pdf

B2 (B2+ size need to Whatsapp request quote)

B2 Custom Box [CustomerPrice].pdf

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