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  1.  Our price is according to how big portion of paper size is used for a job, called "open size". 
  2. If you have sample box on hand, you can open up the box, flat it into 1 layer without any folding layer, that to be the open size. Then, please find the matched price list below. Your open size must be within our price list open size.
  3. You can Whatsapp us to get direct FREE price quote & FREE consultation!
a4 [ClothBox] [SheetPrice] - A4 with 25mm height (or) 40mm height.pdf

A4 with 25mm height / A4 with 40mm height

a5 [ClothBox] [SheetPrice] - A5 with 25mm height (or) 40mm height.pdf

A5 with 25mm height / A5 with 40mm height ↑

Info  /  PhotoPrice  /  Quote